Cragsters: Meet the Gumby

Presenting Cragsters, a series of illustrations and descriptions by Adam Nawrot of climber-types. Cut ’em out, collect ’em, laugh, cry, or rage—just remember, don’t judge, because we’ve all been one type of Cragster or another.
The Gumby.

The Gumby.

The Gumby picked up climbing after scoring a sweet Groupon deal. His new Facebook profile pic—a butt shot of him gym-toproping—has elicited comments from concerned aunts, as well as a “You’re just as crazy as I was at your age” from Uncle Benny. On any given night, you’ll catch the Gumby walking out of the bathroom in rental shoes, wearing a harness in the bouldering cave, and offering big-voiced beta to his timid Tinder match on their first date. Although he and a few fellow Gumbies have planned to visit the “Real Cliffs” for months, the only rope owner keeps flaking—literally. He started uncoiling his rope a week ago, and still can’t get the figure 8 knot out of the middle. All the while, the Gumby is losing steam as the middle-school team flashes his projects. No bother: The Gumby is ready for his next big challenge: SCUBA with sharks!

Dreams of

  • Netflix & chilling
  • Lead certification
  • Whitewater-rafting bachelor party
  • Finally pulling the trigger on a set of quickdraws 

Stomping Grounds

  • Brooklyn, New York
  • Miami, Florida
  • Bay Area, California


  • Spin class
  • Belay test (and re-test, and re-test … )
  • Paleo diet
  • Meal-prep Sundays
  • Stopper knot
  • Membership
  • Leg day
  • Toprope
  • Double dyno
  • Figure four

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