Cragsters: Meet the Pebble Wrestler


Presenting Cragsters, a series of illustrations and descriptions by Adam Nawrot of climber-types. Cut ’em out, collect ’em, laugh, cry, or rage—just remember, don’t judge, because we’ve all been one type of Cragster or another.

The Pebble Wrestler.

The Pebble Wrestler.

Having distilled climbing into a purely kinesthetic practice, the Pebble Wrestler insists that he has a unique, poetic relationship with the stone, one quickly belied by his bluetooth speakers, constant lamenting that all sends are “invalid salad” without “uncut footy,” and an endless compulsion to compare ape indexes with his bros. He’ll obsess for years on two 6 mm crimps and pass more time staring at fingertip skin, fretting over conditions, and brushing $30/ounce chalk off the holds than actually climbing. Unable to afford ropes and bored by belaying, Pebble Wrestlers tend to be of the younger variety. Although unfazed by sleeping on crashpads and sit-start groveling in the dirt, his patience for explaining to hikers why he’s carrying a “mattress” has drawn thin, so don’t even ask. His head might explode inside his beanie.

Dreams of

  • Low humidity and 40-degree temps
  • Lifetime chalk sponsorship
  • Not having to choose between fitting friends or pads in the car
  • WiFi at the proj

Stomping Grounds

  • Hueco Tanks, Texas
  • Chattanooga, Tennessee
  • Joe’s Valley, Utah
  • Horse Pens 40, Alabama
  • Bishop, California
  • RMNP, Colorado


  • Crashpad
  • V-Scale
  • Boar’s hair toothbrush
  • Assis
  • Dab
  • Power-spot
  • Chalk bucket
  • Highball
  • Ape index
  • Conditions
  • “Career-ending” flapper
  • “Mom, gimme a ride to the boulders!”

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