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Cragsters: Meet the Trad Dad

Presenting Cragsters, a series of illustrations and descriptions by Adam Nawrot of climber-types. Cut ’em out, collect ’em, laugh, cry, or rage—just remember, don’t judge, because we’ve all been one type of Cragster or another.
The Trad Dad.

The Trad Dad.

The Trad Dad hangs onto his youthful excitement for the sport by surrounding himself with newer climbers, upon whom he imposes “glory days” spray—a wall rack of gear beta on a 25-foot crack, a year-by-year description of how footholds became polished, which post-climb restaurants started charging extra for bacon on burgers, and the best campsites for good morning sun. He enjoys long, easy routes with defined summits and tweedy names: “Zonker’s Pinnacle” and “Filbert’s Folly.” Armed with a 401(k) and a dependable vehicle, the Trad Dad excels at adulting. Still, despite over a decade of climbing, he has yet to climb harder than 5.8 without pulling on gear—maybe it’s because he spends more time on food prep and gear organization than on the rock.

Dreams of

  • Three-day weekends
  • Less-steep desert towers
  • Crack-riddled slabs
  • Summit glory
  • High-end coolers

Stomping Grounds

  • New Paltz, New York
  • Moab, Utah
  • Bar Harbor, Maine
  • Eldorado Canyon, Colorado


  • Summit snack
  • Upper fourth class
  • Lower fifth class
  • Multi-pitch
  • Scrambling
  • Scrambled eggs
  • Party ledge
  • Fireman’s assist

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