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Dave Graham - Pro BlogsDave Graham climbs everything: from the hardest boulder problems in the world to the hardest sport routes; his passion for the sport permeates his entire being. He stands as today's strongest advocate for difficulty climbing in the world, having done many hard first ascents.

Graham - Pro Blog 15Today I stepped outside my shanty place — my fort — or my resting grounds if you will, and felt the urge to reach out to the world again. Today is most certainly special and I have been waiting for a long to make sure the time was right. From the moment I awoke, I knew there would have to be this relay, this transmission, but in all cases, this batch of words will be sent to the real world, straight from my new home, The Island. I have not lost my mind, neither have I become adjacent and old, grown a beard, found a four-leafed clover, nearly died, or gone sane.Graham - Pro Blog 14After I stopped sleeping properly, I had the feeling something was going down. Information trapped in my head, or at least, I hypothesized, similar to one of the racing scenes from Tron, interfaces behold little motorcycles carrying information along at a blazing pace, all through out my mind for hours.Graham - Pro Blog 13I have been on one hell of a journey the past year, introduced by the Spanish hard livin’, rapidly moving forward into Sarkozy-land, and then an international Flight. The past months particularly have been crazy, full of all kinds of exciting action, adventure, and multi-lingual life stuff. Graham - Pro Blog 12Too many projects! It’s impossible to rid my brain of all the move patterns, beta systems and what not, jingles from rap songs, and other shit floating about without anchor clipping relaxation. I am in the depths, wadding in waist deep water, trying not to get chilly. It’s hard to stay warm, it’s dark in the misty waters, and there is nothing you see in the distance to relate to where you are.Graham - Pro Blog 11So check it out: Here is some crazy news. It’s raining here in Catalunya. Everything is wet and humid, and climbing doesn’t look so hot! As well, it’s raining in Aragon, which in my personal opinion is even more tragic!Graham - Pro Blog 10We got the diamonds grippin’ up against the wood grain wheel, and I‘m trying to tell ya’ll how real climbin s’possed ta feel! For two weeks, serious rock climbing has made life nuts, filling all days with the typical rapid execution of complicated movements, the littoral the non-littoral everything ...Graham - Pro Blog 9“Better late than never.” I heard someone say something like that once … whether it was a saying coined in the dawning of the age of humans, such as ourselves, and doomed just to be a relic of something that we don’t practice or need anymore, like the bones which still form in the current human hand, useless to everything except walking on fours … Anyway, I was inspired by this phrase, when I realized I was about one month late on my blog which is titled “NUMBER 9.”Graham - Pro Blog 8The New Year was rang in here in Spain with a massive fiesta, which dehibilitated most of the people in the country (especially the climbers) and forced a very tranquilo start to 2007. I am finally recovered enough to use my computer again, and can breath from my nose, which is very special as I got a pretty nasty cold due to the circumstances of the holiday season.Graham - Pro Blog 7The training is going wonderful. I was in the gym for my third time last night since I have been here, and I feel sore due to my experiments with weight belts and weight vests. I've never done that before, climbed with many extra kilos, although I had thought about when I was young.Graham - Pro Blog 6Oh Man! I am really, really sore!!!!! Things have been really rough. I have been working harder then ever in my life. Trying so hard I crumple into a ball and can’t move, every once and a while.Graham - Pro Blog 5Kalinikta! This may mean hello, or good night ... I’m not quite sure, but Greek sure is tricky. I am having a great time here in Kalymnos, and I am currently amidst the madness of the Petzl Roc Trip, which is definitely at full throttle!Graham - Pro Blog 4I am on a Boeing 737 airbus, style 400, owned by Olympic Airlines. Airplanes scare me. I don’t really enjoy them. However, they are a lot safer feeling then driving on the German autobahn. Right now, I am sipping juice from my juice box full of orange juice ...Graham - Pro Blog 3It’s raining. My apartment is engulfed in a cloud, and its weird. I am in the process of cooking potato-leek soup and I have cut the regular onions, the green onions, and the leeks and sautéed them for around 20 minutes in butter. It’s an easy soup to make at least.Graham - Pro Blog 2I am feeling quite banged up after the last couple weeks of bouldering, brushing and bolting. I am most certainly resting, as I must focus on mending my battle wounds! I am so sore, not only from eating shit on rocks, scraping my knuckles like 400 times, but most especially from trying the boulders I have recently discovered and cleaned.Graham - Pro Blog 1The views are inspiring, but the lake water is freezing. Snow has been falling, and if one can actually see through the passing clouds, the flickering images of extreme skiers and mountain goats take form, bombing down couloirs ensemble. It’s impossible to see anything when it’s raining though; these apparitions of winter are only visible when the sun is motivated to make its presence.