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Dave MacLeod Pro BlogsOver the past few years this 29-year-old, mild-mannered Scot has displayed a relish for unnerving feats on ice and rock, writing new legends into the history of 800-year-old Clan MacLeod, whose motto is “Hold fast!”

MacLeod - Pro Blog 2Updated 10/24/2008 - Normally, summertime is my slow season. I like to do just about all the disciplines in climbing and the cool seasons are generally good for any one, at any random time. In fact it’s a bit of a joke to say we have season changes here at all. MacLeod - Pro Blog 1Updated 04/29/2008 - Well Hi folks and welcome to my new problog page. I’m pretty humbled to be joining the list of bloggers I’ve read here and been inspired by for the last year or so. With this blog I’m hoping I can share my psyche, ideas and motivation with anyone who likes to follow what is going on in climbing.