Doctor of Climbology: 55 Must-Read, Must-See, and Must-Hear Climbing Stories

Doctor of Climbology is your shortcut to becoming cultured in climbing. An imperfect, unscientific guide to 55 must-read, must-see, must-hear climbing stories from masters of the art.


We’re in a new age of media, and we are bombarded by it 24/7. But whether it’s a heady new memoir or a short video clip of an expedition on Instagram, quality is defined by storytelling. To find out which stories are really worth reading—or watching or hearing—we asked more than 35 writers, publishers, and filmmakers, plus Climbing readers, for their favorites.

This isn’t an end-all, be-all “best ever” ranking (and we ignored magazines—how could we be unbiased there?). Our only claim is this: If you love a good story, then you’ll love the ones highlighted in this series.

Part 1: 33 Must-Read Climbing Books


If you’re new to climbing literature, start with these definitive tales of adventure.

Part 2: 13 Must-Follow Climbing Websites, Blogs, and Podcasts


13 sources for digital climbing media interesting, funny, or outrageous enough to keep us clicking back.

Part 3: 9 Must-Watch Climbing Films


From must-see DVD’s, to Hollywood heroes, to movies so bad they’re good, here are 9 climbing films every climber should watch. //