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Joe Kinder - Pro BlogsJoe Kinder’s first climb was in Estes Park on a family vacation when he was 13, but it wasn’t until two years later, while living in New Hampshire, that Joe became fully overtaken by climbing. For more visit: joekindkid.comGet the RSS FeedSponsors:Eastern Mountain SportsGregory Mountain ProductsPetzl North AmericaLa SportivaSterling RopeMetolius

Joe Kinder - Pro Blog 73/23/10 - The Torre 33 is my favorite in the entire Gregory Pack Collection. I have a lot of pride in the LTS Fusion Series as I aided in the design of these fine packs. They gave me a prototype for my recent trip to Europe. What better way to test the product than to put it on a traveling climber in Europe?! We had beauty all around us from the Mediterranean Ocean to the Pyrenees Mountains. With two solid months climbing in the Gorges around Nice, I was able to complete some of the most difficult, greatest, and proudest routes I have ever climbed.Joe Kinder - Pro Blog 62/10/10 - Daniel Woods Loves the Solution - This content was shot in the Gorges Du Loup, which is in the South of France. It is a great summer spot with the beach near, a beautiful gorge, and some test-pieces that kept us busy for a month and a half. Daniel impressed all of us, including the locals with his fanaticism and efforts he put in each day. He would try one 9a and immediately after run over to jump on an 8c+, and then 20 minutes after that he would attempt to onsight an 8b! Joe Kinder - Pro Blog 58/17/09 - Coincidence - La Sportiva athlete Joe Kinder doesn't think so... This video is of footage of a profound year in rock climbing for me. I have accomplished major goals that I have had for years and I am proud to have this high quality segment of some of them. It is a great honor to represent the best shoe company in the world and with these proper tools I am more confident in my future goals. THANKS to La Sportiva.Joe Kinder - Pro Blog 45/19/09 - It has gotten DAMN hot here in the desert Southwest and plans to get out have been made, but before all of that I got a few things done. The first ascent of The Re-Up (5.14d) was made in perfect timing to avoid the heat. I got seriously lucky. The route is truly one of my hardest if not THE most challenging I have done. I am very confident in the 9a grade on this one....some friends say it could be harder...?Joe Kinder - Pro Blog 35/06/09 - Keith Ladzinski ( and I collaborated on this video project to create what is now the Gregory Packs Commercial II. The featured route I called Unforgivable, which is (8c/+) 5.14b/c at the Cathedral in southern Utah. I equipped this line and am confident that it's one of the best bouldery and crimpy routes in this style. Joe Kinder - Pro Blog 24/07/09 - I came up with the idea to promote one of my most important sponsors, Gregory Packs, in a way that was fun for me, good for them and, an endeavor that would correlate creativity and climbing from an obsessed athlete like myself. This is for all climbers… Hence, a series of Gregory commercials. I have a list of ideas and goofy plots… ALL in the freedom of I want to do. It CAN’T get much better than that right????Joe Kinder - Pro Blog 12/25/09 - After doing a personal blog for over a year now I am pleased to have a few people who actually enjoy reading about what goes on in my life. I first started simply to keep my family and friends up on current happenings and communicate what I have going on. It was something a little more creative than a mass email. I find the blog to only have a purpose if people read it, so before I go any further….thank you and respect, to those that read. 

Joe Kinder - Pro Blogs

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