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Kaare Iverson - Reader BlogsSince his first whipper and the surge of misdirect aggression and adrenaline that followed, Kaare has spent an unreasonable amount of time obsessing over the sport of climbing. Climbing now for the last year or so in Asia, Kaare is packed up and climbing his way from the limestone of China to the granite slabs of Norway.

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Kaare Iverson - Reader Blog 35/24/10 - Yangshuo: The Return - People say that a sabbatical from climbing brings you back stronger to the sport. They're right. Hampi ate up one of my A2s and compressed the cartilage in the same knuckle so severely that I could barely use the finger to type with. I took three months off climbing so much as a ladder, which was a feat to maintain as I trekked through stunning boulderfields and apparently undeveloped limestone crags between the 3,000 and 4,500 metre mark in the Solukhumbu.Kaare Iverson - Reader Blog 22/04/10 - Hampi Drew Us In - It had been two years since I was last in Hampi, India and things have taken a good turn for the climbers now. The industrious minds at Goan Corner (and by the time you read this, doubtless many more will catch on) have finally started to stock REAL climbing chalk (through Wildcraft in Bangalore) rather than trying to pass off talcum powder as the real thing. They've also replenished their rental crash pad supply with 30 some-odd NEW pads rather than the mangey leftovers from climbers past.Kaare Iverson - Reader Blog 111/25/09 - Dreamy Limestone from Thailand's Tonsai Beach in the South to Chiang Mai in the North - A year of traveling the world in search of the best climbing and subsequently the best photo opportunities landed me first on Tonsai Beach. In under a month there I'd already increased my climbing abilities by a full grade, met Dan Holz and Emmanuel Lacoste, found myself writing a Climbing.com Reader Blog and had all of my gear coated in a fine veneer of salt-cake and mold.