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Lauren Lee - Pro BlogsLauren Lee is based out of Hurricane, Utah since 2003. Over the years she's proven herself to be one of the strongest women in the country with and extensive tick list, reaching up to V10 and 5.14.

Lee - Pro Blog 11Updated 6/2/10 - My body is tired and weak. Five showers later, I still feel as if my hair is heavy with sand. The void of my world was replaced by the wonders of the baked desert earth, and the brown river that ebbed through the wandering canyon walls. Letting go of that connection to everything in the outside world, and allowing the “great emptiness” to sustain me for the next seven days of my life. Lee - Pro Blog 10Updated 09/15/2008 - I’ve had a case of the summertime blues. Hanging in Colorado Springs without the Pierre man, my greatest friends, or my most prized mountain bike, makes time stagnant. Not too much seems to have that magical feeling of awe. I feel just like I had as a child stranded in the middle of the summer with all my friends away on vacation, waiting for school to break up the monotony.Lee - Pro Blog 9Updated 08/01/2008 - There manages to be an odd phenomenon for perfect conditions at these sea cliffs, but it was so good we would climb even if the conditions were only marginally climbable. Plus the lack of climbing in France had me willing to go to great lengths. Tides from the Atlantic Ocean would lap along the cliff where we peacefully passed the first two days. Click here to see more photos from Lauren Lee's 9th blogLee - Pro Blog 9 - GalleryViva Sagres! The first five days in Portugal were spent on the most Southwestern tip of Europe. Everyday was a slow start with breakfast in camp under a Canopy of trees that opened up like a tunnel creating shelter from the wind and sun. After breakfast we would head to a café for a quick coffee and then we would mash to Corgis in hope of dry rock. Click here to read Lauren Lee's 9th blogLee - Pro Blog 8 - GalleryPhotos by Lauren Lee and Keith Ladzinski - Running on empty and with little time to spare we grabbed hotdogs and crepes from a cart near the tower and were on our way with little time to get us back to our hotel. I of course insisted that we would make it by way of Metro and that I wanted to see the people of the night. Keith carrying thousands of dollars worth of camera equipment humored me, but later started stressing that we would miss our curfew. Click here to read Lauren Lee's 8th blogLee - Pro Blog 8Updated 06/27/2008 - I find myself once again sitting in the rain in Northern France. This spring is a wet one… We left sunny La Palud Verdon to finish up the trip in Ceüse, where we are hoping the weather might be better. Sam and Keith had arrangements to meet with Millet, so we: Roman, Beck, Whitney, Sam, Keith and I all piled in to catch the scenery from our overstuffed Renault Kangoo. Click here to see more photos from Lauren Lee's 8th blogLee - Pro Blog 7Updated 06/09/2008 - La Palud Sur Verdon - We encountered rain on the drive and more rain. This actually seems to be the theme so far on the trip. Cruising into the canyon we were blown away by the grandeur and beauty this rural French town possessed. Tenderly cared for fields of lavender, small gardens, neatly kept stone and stucco two-story homes with healthy free roaming animals… Brian, Whitney, Keith and I all reveled at the thought of the time we would spend in this beautiful location and the climbing that we would do.Lee - Pro Blog 6Updated 05/20/2008 - Today has been nothing short of a horror show. Out of all my trips overseas, this one is an all time travel epic. Waking at five a.m. didn’t seem like a big deal to get to Denver for our ten-thirty flights, but we had stops to make. Starbucks, atms, gas stations, parking, etc… Organizing in a group always has its kinks. Someone always has something to forget, something lost, and all the other things that just can’t be predicted.Lee - Pro Blog 5Updated 05/14/2008 - Limited by fatigue, I succumbed to resting. Roommates Joe and Colette were packing and hitting the road for their upcoming tour in Spain. The urgency to get myself organized for my trip to France finally set in. Procrastination is normal for me, especially when it comes to packing. It takes me out of the moment and puts the bigger picture back into perspective.Lee - Pro Blog 4Updated 05/01/2008 - Springtime in southern Utah has many rarities: desert flowers, vagabond friends, and perfect weather in some sparsely visited desert corner. Every day seems like an opportunity to enjoy the natural wonders of life in the wasteland.Lee - Pro Blog 3Updated 04/18/2008 - The last few days have been tiring but extremely fulfilling. Some highlights from recent recreation were: visiting with travel companion Cynthia over a little Chuckawalling; climbing in Welcome Springs with good friends; snagging the first female ascent of Rhino-pot-amus a 13 minus; camping with a crowd of new and old comrades; and getting down to business with an outstanding project of mine in the Gorilla cliffs.Lee - Pro Blog 2Updated 04/14/2008 - There is nothing better than waking up in your own bed. Despite the wind howling outside my bedroom door, I couldn’t be happier to be home and in one piece. Yesterday I drove back from Colorado Springs in the most heinous driving conditions. I’m not one to drive huge distances let alone in springtime whiteouts.Lee - Pro Blog 1Updated 04/11/2008 - Leaving the desert very rarely happens, unless it is to visit family or climb in the most world-class destinations. I was convinced to visit the Front Range and climb in some of Colorado’s historic climbing areas. This last weekend was probably the best climbing vacation ever. Beautiful vistas, new climbing, hot springs in the snow, novel accommodations, and good friends.