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Martin Gutmann - Reader BlogsPerpetual Student, Climber, Historian, Writer - The greatest thing about being a graduate student is having complete freedom to decide when to do the 18 hours of work you have each day. My dissertation is always there, weighing on my mind like a number five cam on the back gear loop. Get the RSS FeedFor more visit:

Reader Blog 2 – Martin Gutmann1/12/10 - Around this time last year, my wife, brother, sister-in-law, mother and I were trying to figure out what to get my dad for his upcoming 60th birthday. Buying presents is easy—buying meaningful presents is one of the great challenges of our modern, internet-supplied life of excess. New golf clubs . . . no, he already has a set he likes . . . a new iPod . . . what, to replace the one he got last year until he replaces the new one with next year’s model . . . and on we went. Then finally we hit the jackpot idea.Reader Blog 1 – Martin Gutmann11/25/08 - At exactly midnight, 24 hours after leaving the Longs Peak trailhead, we spotted Erick’s Jeep Wrangler under a foot of fresh snow. Erick, a climbing buddy of mine at Colorado College, and I had just made a winter ascent of Longs’ East Face. The ascent had been epic enough: a gale-force blizzard coming in on the first pitch and staying with us for the duration; not quite enough food (we ate our fifth and last GU packet on the summit); and finally an endless rhythm of breaking trail through blinding, blowing snow back to the car, where warm clothes and copious amounts of food awaited us.