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Misty Murphy - Reader BlogsClimber/musician/observer of the obscure from Salt Lake City and currently living in St. George, Utah. Misty is a musician who took up rock climbing 12 years ago. Listen to Misty's music at her website mistymurphy.com or on itunes. And see more about what Misty's been up to here: mistymurphy.blogspot.com

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Misty Murphy - Reader Blog 53/31/09 - Overexposure - I am going to take some responsibility for exposing my favorite climbing area to whomever pays attention to my blogs. But climbers... you need to take responsibility for your crap! I just spent this morning writing a letter to the Access Fund about the big stinky problem at the Welcome Springs/Cathedral of southern Utah. Yes, it is true. Climbers are PIGS! Not all of you, of course. But apparently for some of you need "How to take care of your shit 101".Misty Murphy - Reader Blog 42/12/09 - Bittersweet Suffering - It is hard to not get discouraged this time of year. The weather rarely cooperates, fitness too, and I find myself getting a little down on myself. But I guess you can't be on top all of the time.Misty Murphy - Reader Blog 312/24/08 - Sun City - Sometimes it snows in St.George, UT. Sometimes. And when it does, it is usually gone in 5 minutes. But not this year. The past week we have seen record snow, record cold and it doesn't look like any relief is on its way. Luckily, thanks to the notorious "Kentucky Joe", we were able to start developing a new, sunny, limestone cliff a few years back (and when I say we, I really mean my husband Bill Ohran, Joe Haynes, and Robbie Colbert).Misty Murphy - Reader Blog 212/04/08 - Switching seasons ain't easy - Travelers and locals alike squeezed a few more awesome days into the Cathedral of southern Utah's season. Camping was a bit brutal at night with winds that can be pretty cold and relentless. Lani Adamson got a few final burns in on her project Pucker 13c on the Wailing Wall.Misty Murphy - Reader Blog 111/12/08 - VRG (a.k.a Very Radical Guys) - I live 20 minutes away from the noisiest, most obnoxious, sometimes dangerous but almost undoubtedly the best climbing in the country. It's called the Virgin River Gorge located on what they call the Arizona Strip. It's like no man's land, where you are more likely to stumble upon a dead body as you are a pretty cactus flower.