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Sara Lingafelter - Reader BlogsSara is a climber, writer, and recovering attorney now working in the outdoor business. She is loosely based in the Pacific Northwest. When not writing about climbing, Sara can be found climbing indoors at locations around Washington, outdoors around the Western United States, or, striking up conversations with other climbers at the crag and other climbing haunts. For more about Sara Lingafelter, visit her website: rockclimbergirl.comGet the RSS Feed

Sara Lingafelter - Reader Blog 46/17/10 - It's been a long time since I wrote for Climbing... I think it was last July. If I close my eyes and think back over the last few months, and how very much there would be to catch up on, it's kinda dizzying. I've moved to Seattle, started a new job in the outdoor biz, kept blogging and writing, have snuck in some fun climbing trips and am still climbing every chance I get (although, with the day job, that's way less than I'd grown accustomed to) and... what else?Sara Lingafelter - Reader Blog 37/17/09 - Rock Climbing with Complete Strangers - I'd originally written another essay on how much of a head case I am as a climber... I'll spare you, since that particular theme is getting a bit old. Luckily, inspiration struck when I asked my buddy, Ben Fullerton, if I could use some of his photos to go with this post. While flipping through his photo album of our recent day out at Boulder Canyon with Tyson, Tom, Amy, Bracken, Ryan and Kari, I realized - I've got the best climbing partners in the world. And, many of them are total strangers.Sara Lingafelter - Reader Blog 23/20/09 - A new entry for the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual on Climbing Mental Disorders - I'm not a psychologist, although at times in my life I've been a middle class American so I've had some exposure to shrinks. I broke up with my last shrink awhile back. Don't get me wrong, Therapist was a very nice woman, but it's the familiar refrain... she just didn't understand rock climbing.Sara Lingafelter - Reader Blog 12/25/09 - I've been climbing since late 2004, but managed to exist as a recreational climber in those early years. I climbed in the gym regularly, but I didn't really seriously train for climbing. I took crag days around the pacific northwest with a variety of climbing partners often, but I prioritized my well-paying corporate gig and regularly missed climbing days for work commitments, or because of other responsibilities.