Subpar Parks Turns One-Star National Park Reviews Into Art

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Yosemite National Park gets five stars on Google Reviews. The vast majority of people that visit the park love it. And most of those that don’t probably understand that the park was not something people created—it’s just a thing on Earth that exists—so leaving a bad review would be kind of weird. Most people probably understand that, but not everyone. Enter Subpar Parks, which takes those one-star reviews and turns them into works of art. The project is the work of illustrator and designer Amber Share. She started it with the goal of honing her craft and attracting freelance work. Share says that each design takes 5+ hours, and she plans to create posters for all 62 national parks. Prints are available on her website.  Share provided more background in an FAQ on the Instagram account:

“The project is satirical. The reviews are real. Maybe some were written in jest, but I really made an effort to filter those out. I did not write any of these reviews and I don’t agree with them… that’s the point. I love the parks and I’m even donating a portion of proceeds to the National Park Foundation,.:”

Our favorite designs for the poor reviews of iconic climbing areas are below, and you can view the rest at @subparparks on Instagram.

Yosemite National Park

I rather like the gray rocks.

Denali National Park

There are also mountains, like that one… What’s it called? Oh yeah, Denali.

Joshua Tree National Park

I can think of something else.

Zion National Park

Have you tried getting closer? I have often found myself very close to the rocks in Zion, touching them even.

Rocky Mountain National Park

I agree. They could’ve done a much better job designing the mountains and the routesetting on The Diamond is uninspired.

Grand Teton National Park

Imagine how disappointed climbers are when they summit the Grand Teton and the view is just those same three things.

Arches National Park

Good news: You can continue to enjoy that license plate all over Utah.