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Susan E.B. Schwartz - Reader Blog 1312/01/09 - The Schwartz Spot - Black Tie Perspective - I’ve been ruminating a lot about perspective. Recently I attended the New York Section black tie dinner of the American Alpine Club and I find myself continuing to ruminate away. The guest of honor was Stephen Venables, the mild mannered and droll Brit who is also the first (and only) climber to solo the East/Kangshung Face of Everest.Susan E.B. Schwartz - Reader Blog 1210/02/09 - The Schwartz Spot - Blog O' Bunions - To push my climbing blog into new territory, in this blog I will sink to an all-time low. Literally. Because this blog will start at the bottom. With feet. More precisely, poor, deformed, unhappy feet. Feet with bunions. Bunions are supposed to be largely genetic but exacerbated by high heels. And I wonder about the effect of climbing shoes.Susan E.B. Schwartz - Reader Blog 115/22/09 - The Schwartz Spot - A Depressing Blog About My Mom, In Case You Wondered - I’m not climbing much this spring. The reason isn’t even due to having young children, as I wrote in the article for the January issue, Confessions of a Climbing Mom. This time it comes from the other side of the family equation. My elderly and sick mom. I have officially joined the sandwich generation. Susan E.B. Schwartz - Reader Blog 104/17/09 - The Schwartz Spot - It must be so much fun to write a book. - Recently, I was thrilled that Eric Horst asked me to read his new book in manuscript form, and if I was so moved, provide a blurb. I’ve just started the manuscript but it’s terrific. I can’t say more here. You’ll have to look for the book when it comes out later this year. But Eric’s manuscript set me thinking. About how much effort goes into writing a book… Heck, about how much effort goes into writing a bad book.Susan E.B. Schwartz - Reader Blog 94/03/09 - The Schwartz Spot - The Blog I Swore I’d Never Write - After all, I’m not a professional or outstanding climber. I’m just your adequate, recreational weekend trad climber. So I always figured: who the heck am I to give technical advice?  But there is one technical how-to I feel amply qualified to offer: Roofs. More specifically, how to follow leaders of much higher abilities up routes with roofs far above the second’s prowess.Susan E.B. Schwartz - Reader Blog 83/17/09 - The Schwartz Spot - Climbing  Knees, Climbing Legs - One of the pleasures of blogging for Climbing Magazine is meeting your fellow bloggers, at least in e-space. Recently I exchanged emails with Climbing blogger, Sara Lingafelter, who is also juggling a corporate career and the climbing bug. Bringing to mind a story from my own corporate days.Susan E.B. Schwartz - Reader Blog 73/03/09 - The Schwartz Spot - The Power of Climbing Photography - As a climbing writer, my specialty is the word rather than the image. But that doesn't mean I don't enjoy looking at climbing images. The problem is that virtually all climbing images look great to me. I don't appreciate the nuances that separate a good climbing image from a great one.Susan E.B. Schwartz - Reader Blog 62/16/09 - The Schwartz Spot - I was delighted that my article in the January issue of Climbing (8 Confessions of a Climbing Mom) generated a lively response. You can find some wonderfully positive and also some incredibly indignant responses posted on the forums at and I encourage you to enter into the discussions on this real and important issue.Susan E.B. Schwartz - Reader Blog 52/02/09 - The Schwartz Spot - Welcome to The Parallel Universes of Climbing - Writing an article for this month’s issue of Climbing (8 Confessions of a Climbing Mom) has reminded me that climbing exists mostly in our heads. This aha! moment was inspired by an episode that took place in my article. In it, I relate the story of the last time I climbed Modern Times, a Gunks classic known for a notoriously overhanging and exposed crux traverse that is hard to protect for the second.Susan E.B. Schwartz - Reader Blog 41/15/09 - The Schwartz Spot - Pairs Climbing - I wrote an article for the next issue of Climbing (Issue No. 272), Confessions of a Climbing Mom. In it, I discuss what we get and what we give up as climbers when we take on the inherently contradictory mission of motherhood (and to a lesser extent, fatherhood).Susan E.B. Schwartz - Reader Blog 31/01/09 - The Schwartz Spot - Blog of Fear - In this blog, I’m going to deal with a topic near and dear to the heart of all climbers. Fear. More precisely, how we deal with fear – appropriate not just for climbing but also considering the scary events now in our economy and coming off another holiday season when so many of us had to confront yet another year of fruitcake.Susan E.B. Schwartz - Reader Blog 212/01/08 - The Schwartz Spot - Rhinestone Climber - Does anyone ever feel this way besides me? There I was a few weeks ago at the elegant, black tie annual dinner of the American Alpine Club NY Section, seated next to the guest of honor, Conrad Anker and just a dinner roll toss from Jenni Lowe-Anker. On my other side was Duncan, who entertained me with stories of climbing trips around the world and the last time he ice climbed at Ouray. Susan E.B. Schwartz - Reader Blog 111/01/08 - The Schwartz Spot - Musings of your typical climbing mom - As this is my first blog, I’ll jump right into this: The reason I’m blogging for Climbing Magazine is because of the money. Matt Samet promised to double my salary every two months. But the real reason I’m blogging – apart from the cash (got the joke yet?) – is that I think I might have something to say.

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