The Dirtbag Diaries – Episode 7

No Big Deal

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In 1996, photographer John Burcham and three friends completed the first foot traverse of the 650-mile long Alaska Range. Together, they forded streams, chased off curious grizzlies and crossed crevassed glaciers. After 75 days, they had become a single unit. After delays mounted, Burcham decided to leave the group at the very end of the trip in order to make it to his sister’s wedding. He said goodbye and parted ways. He was alone in the continent’s last great wilderness with a sobering realization — crevasses, hungry wildlife and hypothermia can kill you, but loneliness can drive you crazy.

Music from Episode Seven If you liked something you heard, here is more information on this week’s featured artists. Music provided by IODA Promonet.In order of appearance: Keith Anderson — “Turning Back to You” from the album Turning Back to You/A Boy within a Man’s Clothes

Hird —”Keep you Kimi” from the album Moving On

Velure — “Do you Suppose?” from the album Care for Fading Embers

Sean Hayes — “Flowering Spade” from the album Flowering Spade