The Next-Level Climbing Rope Art of Mick Tresemer

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We’ve all seen those woven climbing-rope rugs and thought about making one. Boulder, Colorado artist Mick Tresemer takes them to the next level. His pieces feature intricately woven colors, words, and even three-dimensional designs.

Mick Tres Rope Art
Photo: Mick Tresemer

How’d you get started?
Every year for Christmas I make family presents. I’d seen the woven rope rugs and decided to try a few as gifts. I was like, “Oh, this is really fun.” At the time, I was using one single color. Then I started mixing colors because I had all these different ropes from the outdoor consignment shop I work at. I really love to re-use.

Where do you get all the ropes?
I did find myself running out of ropes in the beginning. Not any more. I made a deal with a climbing gym in Boulder. I made them a huge rug for their entrance, and they let me know when they have rope. And actually people started bringing them to me, too. I’m the rope guy now.

Did the difficulty increase when you shifted to the third dimension?
It adds a dimension of difficulty for sure, literally. But I think it adds 10 times the interest. I use hot glue and it will melt the rope and stick it together. It’s like welding almost. The first time was an accident. I got some glue on the side, and I was like, “Ohhhhh!” Accidents drive a lot of art. I don’t think just mine, but a lot of people’s art.

Any tips for anyone that wants to try this at home?
Don’t hold yourself back. A rope is just like a line on a piece of paper. If you can draw then you can make anything you want. It’s limitless.

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