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Tim Kemple - Pro BlogsSeasoned and traveled, yet still in his 20's, he's been Climbing Magazine's Senior Contributing Photographer, as well as been published in dozens of outdoor publications. Visit: KempleMedia.com

Kemple - Pro Blog 2My dad often says to me "Getting old stinks, don’t do it". I think I’m starting to catch on to what he means. Birthdays force you to think about things you don’t want to think about, they force you to come to some realizations. And I use realizations, because unlike new years resolutions that are goals, realizations are an after the fact you can’t change them.Kemple - Pro Blog 1My name is Tim Kemple, I'm a contributing photographer for Climbing and Urban Climber. This blog isn't about me though, its about the things that dominate my world and the world of some of closest friends and peers largely climbing, the climbing industry, and location photography. Its my goal to make sure this isn't a what I have been up to blog, instead I want it to be a big peek inside the world of climbing, marketing, and media. Love it or leave it...