100 Climbing Magazine Covers By the Numbers

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Over the last 10 years, Climbing magazine has published 100 issues, with the cover being the most prominent image associated with each one. Some were notable, others forgettable, and a few were downright bad. Here we examine the stats behind them.

Climber's Gender


Highest Grade


Most Featured People


Sasha DiGiulian


“Featuring a climber and his or her success on something that they have worked really hard on is a way of demonstrating the climbing community’s support for this accomplishment. Those types of covers inspire me!”


Peter Vintoniv


“Being photographed isn’t always easy or glamorous. You get asked to climb both beautiful stone and choss. And sometimes the most unnatural movements are what photograph best. Being comfortable makes it more fun.”

U.S. Destinations


Most Featured Place

Yosemite (big surprise)


World Coverage


Most Remote

Ennedi Desert, Chad 

September 2011

September 2011

“Our trip to Chad was my first ‘serious’ climbing expedition, and one that paved the way to a whole host of other great trips over the last five years. What I’ll always remember from Chad is the space—wide open and endless! It was the first time I had visited the desert, and the first time I can say I have been somewhere that no other human ever had. Making first ascents of those amazing towers was special not only for the climbing accomplishment, but also because atop those tottering piles of choss, I was looking at the world from a totally new point of view.”
—Cover model James Pearson

Type of Climbing


Best Cover Lingo


Shirtless Covers


Top Photographers

1. Andrew Burr, 19 covers

Burrs pick- #279 october 2009_gn-web.jpg

“My most memorable cover would be #279 because I spend so much time exploring random unknown areas and usually walk away empty-handed. On a whim we went looking in Zion for this rumored ice climb, and it was amazing!”

2. Keith Ladzinski, 8 covers

3. Corey Rich, 5 covers

Water Shots


Most Regretful Covers

May 2007

Regretful 2 #257 May 2007_gn-web.jpg

The original pouty-face selfie gone horribly wrong.

August 2006

Regreatful 1- #250 Aug 2006_gn-web.jpg

It’s like playing Where’s Waldo. Try to find a climber in the black abyss of rock before you realize—there is no climber.

July 2007

Regretful 3- #258 july 2007_gn-web.jpg

Heinz Mariacher knows climbing shoes, but clearly not fashion.