Bouldering at Annot and Verdon, France

Photos by Claudia Colonia - The poularity of Annot, France, has increased in recent years due to the growing interest in bouldering. Among the trees, in a very quite and relaxing forest, there are countless lines of every level. These photos are taken from the sectors Les Météors, Le Bestaire, and Le Clemenceau. Notice how the "Grès" assume very peculiar shapes with a lot of differently sized holes. Verdon, France, has amazing, breathtaking, and incredibly vertical walls. It's incredible how even on a cloudy and windy day, the chance to walk along the river down to the walls, and to admire the last rays of sunshine illuminating their historical lines, is an experience that makes you feel like you're in a magical place. I took these photos from the charming Rive Gauche. You won't get tired of admiring these incredible walls.