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23 Photos by Ryan Olson — — Jamie Emerson, Rob D'Anastasio, Angie Payne, Abbey Smith, Alex Puccio, Paul Robinson, Seth Allred, Brian Capps, plus a crew of other strong Front Rangers on some of the sickest testpieces in the west: Rocky Mountain National Park's (RMNP) European Being Human (V12), Tommy's Arete (V7), Deep Puddle Dynmaics (V9), Skipper Roof (V11), in Hueco Tanks, TX The Medal Detector (V6), Uncut Yogi (V6), and Circadian Rhythmn (V13) at Poudre River, Burnout (V12) Walker Ranch, Right Angryman (V10) at Lumpy Ridge, also the Teva Mountain Games and the Red Feather Lakes.

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