Climbing Caption Contest Winner and Honorable Mentions (Autumn 2020 Edition)

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Jordan Peterson

@ykba234 is the winner of our Caption Contest, which we roll out each issue with hilarious cartoons from Jordan Peterson (@jordankpeterson_)—stay tuned to and Climbing’s social channels for more. For this winning caption, @ykba234 wins a Meteor helmet from Petzl.


Here were our runners up:

  • “That socket is totally bomber! What’s taking you so long?!” —Nash Ward
  • “You know, LED light bulbs are aid.” —Zach Smithson
  • “We probably should have stick-clipped it.” —Austin BeckDoss
  • “Careful! You still need to send Gutter Cleaning (V3) this afternoon!” —Brian Healy
  • “Come, on dude! A couple more turns and you’ll get the flash!” —Vaughn Engler
  • “Don’t screw up that placement, or it’s lights out for all of us.” —Andrew
  • “Careful, bro! The box the bulb came in said it’s a V120!” —Richard Cho
  • “Sigh. I told him to warm up on the lamp in the bedroom first, but at least he kept his shirt on.” —Brad Moore
  • “I think they’re coming out with an ultralightbulb soon!” —Edek Falkowski
  • “You V-ate your way through the cabinets with no problem—why can’t you on-light this one?” —Anna Volk
  • “Babe, should I get the stick clip?” —Lexi Paul
  • “I’m glad he practiced this high-bulb problem on toprope!” —Chris Bruot
  • “It’s slopier than it looks!” —Natalie Wingfield
  • “Trust your feet and commit!” —Holly Rosas
  • “Match or it doesn’t count!” @el_texistle
  • “Trust me, the pinch is waaay less painful than the mono pocket.” @cloverclimbs
  • “And we’ll call this BULBering!” @Bennett_Winsor
  • “I thought climbers screwed in vans, not lightbulbs.” @Leekostevens
  • “Don’t mess up the crux, or it’s lights out!” @Colterbh