Climbing Caption Contest Winner and Honorable Mentions (Winter 2020 Edition)

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Jordan K. Peterson

Russell Mayes is the winner of our Caption Contest, which we roll out each issue with hilarious cartoons from Jordan Peterson (@jordankpeterson_)—stay tuned to and Climbing’s social channels for more. For this winning caption, Russell wins a Session Harness from Wild Country.

Honorable Mentions:

  • “I told you Gritstone sucked.” —Nathaniel Ferg
  • “Welp, next time remind me to grab my shoes, and I’ll remind you to grab a helmet.” —Isac Fresquez
  • “You still want some slack?” —Kyran Keisling
  • “Came back for more quickdraws?” —Viktor Harangi
  • “Alright, let me lead this one….we gotta keep training for 24HHH.” —Amanda Smith
  • “Looks cooler when Ondra does it.” —David Cerna
  • “No, you are not Spiderman. And no, I’m not going to kiss you.” —Eric Young
  • “Are you in a good spot? I need to check my ATC.” —Alex Dexter
  • “If I just dirt-you, you won’t learn anything. Let the blood flow to your head, then I’ll let you down.” —Adam Markert
  • “I have been trying to reach you about your car’s extended warranty…” —Bryan Duggan
  • “You want the beta now?” —Nate Gempesaw-Pangan
  • “I am the Great Cornholio! I need T.P. for my bunghole!” —Joe Sexton
  • “Should’ve tried the Ondra scream.” —@cage_91
  • “Just checking if gravity works, huh?” —@timgray852403
  • “That’s not what I meant, when I said use your feet.” —@adventure_darin
  • “Did you say ‘Take’?” —@downwthebourgeoisie
  • “We’re not going to beat the Nose record like that, Tommy.” —@mr.walczak
  • “Damn, I thought I had this. Mountain Project said this was 10d and Satchel Friedman flashed it in his Mythos.” —@_nickandrew
  • “Don’t worry, this happens all the time in the Front Range.” —@torianclimbsrocks
  • “I said ‘Dyno,” not ‘Die now!’” —@bobbathy
  • “Dude, was that on purpose?” —@ally_seal_
  • “Hand over the lunch money!” —@sssarahz