Climbing Photographer Spotlight: Alton Richardson

Boulder, CO
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This story originally appeared in the July 2014 issue of our print edition.

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The über-classic Edge of Time (5.9+) in Estes Park, Colorado, is surprisingly difficult for the grade, with just enough space between the bolts to keep you on your toes.

Nine years ago Richardson’s life was consumed by skateboarding, but when he broke his leg while filming for a skate video, he was forced to hang on the sidelines. Soon he picked up a camera, started snapping photos, and found his true calling as a photographer, telling stories and sharing memories of fun times spent outside with friends. His climbing habit gained speed in 2007, when he got a job at Valley Rock Gym in Livermore, California. He began going out with strong climbers who were just as psyched on making arresting images as he was. He says, “My goal is to continually feed my desire to learn the art of visual media, venture across the globe, and discover the mountains while telling the stories they make possible.” His work has appeared in several U.S. climbing magazines and ads for companies like Rab. He plans to live on the road for the next few years to work and explore as much as possible.

Instagram: @agrphoto

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