Climbing Photographer Spotlight: Bligh Gillies

Loveland, CO
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This story originally appeared in the July 2014 issue of our print edition.

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Gabriel Cervantes cruises Andrology (5.11d), Estes Park, Colorado. Although this route originally required gear in addition to the bolts, it’s been retro-bolted so only quickdraws are necessary.

After an internship with Corey Rich in Tahoe, California, the famed adventure sports photographer was so blown away by Gillies’ talent, drive, and work ethic that Rich offered him a full-time assistant position. Gillies has been able to travel, shoot, and do what he loves through that opportunity. His passion for climbing and photography came at an early age, playing on the granite of Colorado’s Rocky Mountains and exploring the red sandstone of the deserts in Utah. He says, “Taking up climbing photography was a natural progression, considering my fondness for both. It evokes a deep sense of inspiration and delights my soul.” Gillies continues to assist and shoot for Rich, with personal work appearing in Backpacker magazine and on

Instagram: @blighguy

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