Climbing Photographer Spotlight: Gustavo Moser

Boulder, CO / Caracas, Venezuela

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This story originally appeared in the July 2014 issue of our print edition.

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Moser battled with this climb, Better Eat Your Wheaties (V8/9), in Hueco, and documented his struggle with this self-portrait.

Although Moser played around with photography as a kid, it wasn’t until 20 years later, on a visit to Hueco Tanks, Texas, that his fate was sealed as a photographer: “Life drifted me away from the pursuit until five years ago, when I spent my first season in Hueco. I became overwhelmingly inspired and psyched.” Part of this motivation came from the new lighting options he didn’t even know existed. Now he uses flashes and artificial light in both subtle and overt ways. Of course, his equipment doesn’t always work exactly how he wants. “Sometimes your transmitters go rogue on you and only work when they want,” he says. “I’ve definitely smashed a couple of them against rocks.” Moser is currently working on a story that will appear in a future issue of Climbing about his recent trip to his home country of Venezuela, where he and a small crew put up dozens of bouldering first ascents.

Instagram: @gasphoton

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