DWS: The Mallorca Experience

Photos by Chris Weidner - Over three weeks in September, five North Face team members (Emily Harrington, Alex Honnold, James Pearson, Matt Segal and Cedar Wright), two photographers (Tim Kemple and Patrick Bagley), and eight other climbers (Sam Elias, Emily Brazenall, Beck Kloss, Matt Bird, George Taylor, Cerian Lewis, Emma Coombes and myself) rallied to the Spanish island of Mallorca that sits just east of the mainland in the Mediterranean Sea. On any given day there were between seven and twelve of us sharing a house, partying, and trying not to fall. The 20 to 60-foot limestone sea cliffs were our boulders, and the Med was our crash pad. Every climbing day involved salty air, humid rock, spoogy shoes, and extra chalk — plus an extraordinary dose of fear. Read more at DailyCamera.com.