First Ascent in Nangmah Valley, Pakistan

Photos by Leopoldo Faria - This summer, I decided to go explore the big wall climbing potential in Pakistan with three Portuguese friends, Rui Rosado, Ana Silva and Bruno Gaspar. We left for a month and half expedition, and we choose to explore the beautiful Nangmah Valley.We spotted a beautiful crack on an unclimbed wall near Amin Brakk.Climbing in high altitude (near 16,000 feet) wasn’t easy, and trying to free climb definitely wasn’t a piece of cake, either. We found many cracks filled with plants and dirt that forced us to do some cleaning sessions in order to free climb. Apart from that, we could enjoy some high-quality crack climbing, with lots of offwidths!We are glad to have climbed in Pakistan this year and really happy with the route that we have opened (Off-Dido, 5.12a, 550 meters), which is very likely the first ascent of this wall that we call Babar in honor of our cook, Altaf. Read more at