Ko Lao Liang - Paradise in Thailand

Photos by Gerhard Schaar — On my second trip to the limestone wonderland of Thailand, I started off at the mecca of Ton Sai. After only a couple nights I moved on to Ko Lao Liang which is a great little resort and more quiet. Not far from here is Koh Yao Noi, one huge perfect beach with the adjacent cliffs. After ten days it was time to move on again. Back in Ton Sai, for a few days then to Chiang Mai for a few days of climbing at the Crazy Horse Buttress. Then to a new place, Chiang Daeng, to check out some newly established lines. At the nearby village, we witnessed some real Thai culture, soon to vanish as the the old generation passes away. A great experience and so different to the super touristy south.