Monkey Face Highlinin'

Words and photos by Tyler Roemer - On July 2009 a crew of Oregonians rigged up a highline on the 350-foot Monkey Face on the backside of Oregon's Smith Rock State Park, home to routes: Just Do It (5.14c), the Backbone (5.13a), Spank the Monkey (5.12a) and Astro Monkey (5.11d). With their tension system tight, harnesses, and fall leashes quadruple checked Joel Sprenger, Chuck Williams, and Tyge Shelby inch their way into the mouth of the Monkey. The highline session went into the evening hours with knee drops, turn arounds, pounding hearts, and only a couple falls in the bag. A quote that resonated through the evening was, “Who needs to jump out of a plane when you have this.” —Greg Garretson. See more at