Photo Gallery: 16 Scrappy Home Climbing Walls


The COVID-19 pandemic has inspired many climbers to build impressive home walls—but that's not what this photo gallery is about. We're taking this time to highlight those walls built with a lack of space, material, or skill with a saw and a drill. These are the scrappy climbing walls. They may not look like something out of a Walltopia catalogue, but they prove that where there is a will, you can get a good pump. Our readers submitted these 16 homemade creations for our Scrappiest Home Wall contest. Thanks to everyone who sent in a photo!

The winning entry is receiving a Climbing Summit membership. It wasn't easy choosing just one—there are a few impressively ramshackle rigs here—but the prize goes to Wes Murray. What is even going on there?

UPDATE: Wes shared the below video of his wall in action, and it looks like it works pretty well!