Re-Gram: 10 Home Climbing Walls

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Right now, the United States is experiencing an influx of the most incredible climbing gyms we’ve ever seen. But sometimes it’s nice just to train at home. It could be cold out. You might only have 10 minutes to spare. Or maybe you don’t feel like putting on pants. That’s when it’s great to have your own wall. We reached out to readers to show us their #homeclimbingwall and received the following delightful assortment of wall sizes, shapes, and colors.

regram home wall 7

"The wall has slabs, overhangs, and roofs with about 600 square feet of climbing.” —Dylan Rankin (@dylanclimbs)

Regram home wall 1

“My house gives me something to train on when I’m not at the local gym, which is 30 miles away.” —Dave Gregory

Regram home wall 4

“Our home climbing barn. We recently put up new art and a crack system—it’s hard!” —Greg Martin

regram home wall 5

“My home lead route.” —Ana Marisa Correia (@anamarisacorreia)

Regram home wall 3

"Sydney cruises around on the 55° wall in our home bouldering gym that we call The Dojo.” —Howard T. Welser

regram home wall 8

“Left side of the garage is an adjustable 45° HIT Strip system wall and a 15° wall. Right side is a 6-foot-deep, 8-foot-wide overhanging roof with a 45° finish to the ceiling and a hand crack that runs along the roof.” —Philip Sanchez

regram home wall 6

“My backyard is like my fortress of solitude. It’s where I go to learn and practice. What I’ve built gives me the opportunity to train at the highest level so that when it comes time to perform, I know I’ve trained for everything possible.” —Gordon McArthur

Regram home wall 9

“I cut a hole in the ceiling so we can climb up to the second floor, right outside my 9-year-old son’s bedroom. When you go through the ceiling, you find yourself in a closet. I’m hoping to extend the climb up through the closet to the third floor, too.” —Frances Garrett (@frances.garrett)

Regram home wall 10

“Our wall has two rules. One is that you have to do the Shot Route, a V2/3 that involves two tequila shots, one at the beginning and one hanging in the roof at the obvious crux. The second rule is everyone measures their ape index and signs the wall.” —Eric DeHaven and Nicole Lyons (@ericdehaven)

Regram home wall 2

This is my second wall. I live in Huntsville, Alabama, and my first wall was destroyed by the tornados back in 2011. The original wall actually saved my house from being destroyed when it caught a 65-foot tree, sacrificing itself in the process.” —Toni Craft (@toeknee_nicole)