Re-Gram: 8 Photos of #ClimberProblems

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This story originally appeared in the October 2014 issue of our print edition.

Life changes when you become a climber. Your body becomes lean and captivating. Gravity becomes a force that can be overcome. Pickle jars become easy to open. On the other hand, climbers face unique, everyday challenges that our proportionately forearmed brethren will never understand. Here are a small sampling of those #climberproblems, shared by our readers.

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“Five guides were getting fingerprinted for work at a climbing camp. We had a contest to see who had the most shredded tips. I won with five rejected prints.” @erikthatcher

 “My girlfriend is too small to properly spot me, so I strapped together three Mondos and a sit pad.” @carerommel

“Put me in a dress and heels on a boat, but nothing changes. I still try to climb everything and anything.” @kaderines

“After cruising up Fake Pamplemousse (V11), Fraser McIlwraith finds the descent harder than the climb.” @pennylopeorr

“Finally found a way to dry my rope—and a use for the ironing board that sits in my closet gathering dust.” @aparker_ut

“The search for boulders isn’t always easy—or clean—near Laramie Peak in Wyoming.” @ghoulish

“At Washoe Boulders, NV. I ripped the best hold off Halloween Hangover (V7) and onto my domepiece.” @jazzy_monkey

“This fella cheese-grated down Breashear’s Crack in Morrison, incurring a burly flapper in the process.” @hah_vee_air_

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