Re-Gram: 9 Bad-Weather Epic Photos

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Photo Gallery: 9 Bad-Weather Epics

Krystle Edwards

We spent 10 hours in our tents during a Mt. Rainier windstorm. 

Hunter Plude

We thought we could outpace the storm with a pre-dawn start. Not the case!

Tyler Smallwood

Hiking up Mount Whitney in November in rain jackets and sneakers maybe wasn’t such a great idea. 

Mike McLouth

While attempting to climb Devils Tower on Thanksgiving 2016, we retreated due to freezing temps. 

Jake Tveite

A spring snowstorm hammered the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, but we climbed The Carrot (WI4) anyway.  

Alex Richins

This was on Mailbox Peak, Washington. The hike was crazy, with weather from all four seasons in 2.5 miles and 4,000 feet. 

Mike Soucy

In April 2018, we experienced 12 feet of snow in 7 days on the Pika Glacier in Denali National Park. 

Vladmir Pekov

For 18 days, we had giant waves and even a sea spout while deep-water soloing on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. 

Kayleigh Lincoln

We climbed one route at Dorset before -2 temps and a terrifying, slippery belay ledge made us give up. 

Nine photos of epics caused by that unpredictable destroyer of dreams, the weather—submitted by our readers.