Re-Gram: 9 Climbing Artists

Here are nine pieces of climbing-inspired art, submitted by our readers.

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Veljko Micjanic Re Gram Climbing Art
Veljko Miljanic

I am 13 years old, and I’ve been drawing since I picked up a pencil. My art is inspired by climbing because I spend a lot of time in the mountains.

Josh Wulff Re Gram Climbing Art CROPPED
Josh Wulff

I grew up in Alaska staring at this mountain, waiting for my turn to stand on top of it for just a moment.

Anna Kutkiewicz Re Gram Climbing Art
Anna Kutkiewicz

I create flexible, magnetic mini climbers made to look like you, down to your harness, chalkbag, and shoes. They climb on your fridge for hours of fun!

Heather Mullin Re Gram Climbing Art
Heather D. Mullin

Climbing gives me an opportunity to see a side of the world that many others will never experience. It reveals the mystical in an already-beautiful world. My art allows me to share that vision.

David Bonan Re Gram Climbing Art
David Bonan

A drawing of the classic Cerro Torre and surrounding peaks in Patagonia.

Kassia Thormahlen Re Gram Climbing Art
Kassia Thormahlen

I have a full-time Etsy store and a goal to help every dirtbag afford rope art. I upcycle 100% of my ropes and sell the rugs for cheap.

Jacob Mader Re Gram Climbing Art
Jacob Mader

My pen and ink drawing of Devils Tower, Wyoming.

Mary Giehl Re Gram Climbing Art
Mary Giehl

I use different crochet stitches to make jewelry from cordelette.

Kasey Sparadeo Re Gram Climbing Art
Kasey Sparadeo

My passion is climbing, and my hobby is illustration. When you combine the two, you get an illustrated version of me doing what I love.

Mountains have always had a tendency to inspire, and since climbers spend so much time in them, it’s no wonder our sport is full of artists. Here are nine pieces of climbing-inspired art, submitted by our readers.