Re-Gram: 9 Photos of Heinous Climber Feet

Photo Gallery: 9 Photos of Heinous Climber Feet

John Oliver

After six hours at an endurance comp, and being on their second resole, my shoes still turned my feet blue.

Gus Barber

Lang Van Dommelen’s feet after the approach to the Arrigetch with a 120-pound pack to climb new routes.

Jacob Livingston

These are the feet of aid lord Hayden Robinson, 21, who made three separate one-day ascents of El Cap this summer.

Mihael Nikolić

After a winter tour up the Triglav, my “third ankle” came out.

Christopher Spatz

I quit the foot binding 25 years ago. Now, I wear street-sized shoes when I’m not climbing in approach shoes or barefoot.

Ben Boyer

New winter boots used on a warm glacial ascent of Mount Shasta (Hotlum-Bolam Ridge) wrecked my feet—but I still made it.

Tomasz Lebiecki

These calluses are permanent.

Corey Buhay

The sandstone and the shoes conspired to burn red into my feet during a weekend in Indian Creek.

Fritz Nuffer

I wore Chacos on a recent first date with a non-climber, and she couldn’t get over my toes. I didn’t get a call back from her.

Climber feet can get pretty gnarly from overly tight shoes causing bunions and hammer toe, to long barefoot descents causing thick calluses and blackened feet. Many climbers have feet that would make Bilbo Baggins shudder. 

Against all good judgement, we asked our readers to send us photos of their gross climber feet. We don’t blame you if you don’t want to click the gallery above.