Re-Gram: 9 Summit Photos

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Most climbs don’t end on a summit, so it’s important to document the ones that do. Everyone has their own summit photo tradition. Some smile. Some stare introspectively into the distance. Some go for the classic jumping shot. Others get naked. Here are a few of our readers celebrating success in their own ways.


Elephant-gorilla team on Cerro Mocho summit. That’s Cerro Torre behind us. Chalten, Argentina. February 2015. 


Standing on Stok Kangri summit at 20,080 feet in Ladakh, India. 
—Adarsh Hemrajani


Papa Reass always poses as his favorite free climber Lynn Hill. Here he is after breaking in his new hot pink rope on Jah Man (5.10) in Utah. 
—Jesse Punsal


The summit spire of Salbitschijen in Switzerland. We reached it by climbing the West Ridge, which is said to be one of the best ridges in the Alps. 


My summit photo from the top of Mt. Adams in Washington is best described as: “Draw me like one of your French girls.” 
—Leland Nisky


The summit of Gerlach Mountain. The climb was significant because we got to the top with my dad, a trip I wanted to realize for years. 


Glorious day on top of Baker Peak, the third highest peak in Nevada, sitting at 12,306 feet. 
—Christian Lanley


Birthday climbing at Seneca Rocks, West Virgina. Gunsight to South Peak. The “Gata Suit” and birthday hat—best way to celebrate another year! 
—Selma Nunes