RocTrip at the Red River Gorge

Photos By Luke Laeser - The attendance of world class athletes at this years Petzl RocTrip/Rocktoberfest at the Red River Gorge, October 12-14, made it one of the best climbing outdoor events in history (or at least 2007). In attendance were: Daniel Woods, Emily Harrington, Sean McColl, Mickael Fuselier, Martina Cufar, Marietta Uhden, Daniel Du Lac, Liv Sansoz, Lynn Hill, Tony Lamiche, Chris Sharma, San Yo Ku, Sonnie Trotter, Chris Linder, Lev Pinter, Steve McClure, Said Belhaj, Kasia Pietras, Dani Andrada, Dave Graham, Future Roden, Joe Kinder, Cedar Wright, Mica Dash, Katie Brown, Timy Fairfield, Abbey Smith, Chris Sierzant, Mike Doyle... and more. READ THE EVENT RECAP