The Surreal, Beautiful Buttermilks

Photos by Devlin Gandh - It's almost June, and that means the good temps in California are disappearing fast. Though we do have sunny weather, it isn't always the most conducive for climbing. With that in mind, it's no surprise to see a flurry of Bishop photos this time of year. This past season has been one of the most memorable in recent years, with Paul Robinson's new V16, Lucid Dreaming, second and third ascents of Ambrosia, and a surprise appearance by Chris Sharma (I'm pretty sure he warmed up doing Evilution to the lip [V10]). But the real joy of climbing in Bishop comes from the personal experience — the Buttermilks are a surreal, beautiful boulderfield. And that, with the immaculate weather, sunrises, and sunsets of the Sierra Nevada, lingers on well past the experience.