Triple Crown Bouldering Series 2010 - Stone Fort

Photos by Kelly Bussell - On Saturday, December 4, Triple Crown competitors gathered under a cold and gloomy sky at Urban Rocks Climbing Gym in Chattanooga, Tennessee. With a chance of rain threatening to shut down the comp, uncertainty filled the air. Climbers were herded onto buses to make their way toward Montlake Golf Course, home of Stone Fort. Scrambling to gather their crashpads, they quickly descended onto the boulderfield, trying to stay ahead of the rain. Inevitably, a light drizzle enveloped the boulders, making the simplest of topouts somewhat dicey. However, the boulders buzzed with laughter and a positive vibe, while climbers made the best of a cold, damp day, filling up impressive scorecards. Southern climbers Jimmy Webb and Kasia Pietras won the comp and the overall Triple Crown title for 2010. See more results at