Triple Crown Finale - Stone Fort - December 2nd, 2006

182 Photos by Brian Burnham. The sun was barely up, but the staging area for the third and final round of the Triple Crown Bouldering Series, held at The Stone Fort (formerly: Little Rock City) was already packed and poised. The hyper-focused and smoothly professional Kate Reese displayed for the third time why she is the reigning Triple Crown Queen, coolly climbing her way to a third victory in the 2006 series and sealing her second overall win over the up-and-coming Sasha DiGiulian. Visiting French strongman Tony Lamiche raged. He bested overall series winner Paul Robinson by 3000 points and climbed a number of longstanding projects in the field, leaving locals with a new understanding of what is possible. Check out the event recap - Stone Fort - Triple Crown Finale

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