Outside+ and a Trip to … Northern Patagonia

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After the past year (two years?), who couldn’t do with a little vacation? We all need some time away, and what better place than Patagonia? 

If you’re like me, you have no idea where to start with planning a trip like that. Luckily, Outside has made that part easy, with a guided trip to Chilean Patagonia. Let me just say: this 11-day trip looks incredible. From glacial peaks to stunning, verdigris lakes, you’ll hike, camp, and explore the most stunning landscapes. Guests will travel three to 10 miles a day, sleeping in guesthouses, base camps, and panoramic lodges. Check out the Cerro Castillo National Reserve, cross the 4,265-foot Piñón Pass. Relax and read beside the General Carrera Lake. Oh, and the food is fully prepared. 

The best part? Outside+ members get a discount. See more details, and other trip ideas, here.  

Attending Guest Outside editor: Erin Riley, senior travel editor

Inaugural Trip Dates (with Erin): November 11–23, 2022 | Price: $6,600 | Outside+ price: $6,400

Additional Trip Dates (without Erin): February 4–16, 2023 | Price: $6,200 | Outside+ price: $6,000