4 Weeks to Sending Fitness (Sponsored by Outdoor Research)

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One of the best ways to prevent climbing injuries is to make sure you’re in shape. Now you can train with pro climber Madaleine Sorkin in Climbing Magazine’s 4 Weeks to Sending Fitness online course sponsored by Outdoor Research. Learn how to warm up properly, strengthen your fingers, safely build your endurance and power-endurance, blast your core to be steep-rock-ready, and protect your shoulders as your muscles rebuild for redpoint season.

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In this course, you’ll learn how to safely, effectively, and efficiently get back to rock-ready fitness in only a month. From warming up properly, to ARC and circuit training, to finger- and core-blasting gym workouts, to shoulder strengtheners, this course has all the tools you need to get back in shape. Follow the workout schedule each week, and in only a month you’ll be climbing stronger than ever!

How This Course Works

We’ve designed this course to be a fast-paced training bootcamp designed specifically for climbers. You’ll have access to our Monday-through-Sunday fitness training program that’ll get you ready for sending season. Plus, once you purchase the course, it’s yours forever.


4 Weeks to Sending Fitness will take you through a special regimen designed to get you ready to redpoint. Pro climber Madaleine Sorkin will take you through this Monday-through-Sunday routine.

Week 1

Monday: Climb and Core
Tuesday: Climb and Finger Strength
Wednesday: Core
Thursday: Climb and Shoulder Injury Prevention
Friday: Core and Finger Strength
Saturday: Climb
Sunday: Shoulder Injury Prevention

Week 2

Monday: Rest
Tuesday: Climb, Core, and Shoulder Injury Prevention
Wednesday: Climb and Finger Strength
Thursday: Core
Friday: Rest
Saturday: Climb and Finger Strength
Sunday: Shoulder Injury Prevention

Week 3

Monday: Climb and Core
Tuesday: Climb and Finger Strength
Wednesday: Shoulder Injury Prevention and Core
Thursday: Rest
Friday: Climb and Finger Strength
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: Climb and Core

Week 4

Monday: Rest
Tuesday: Climb and Shoulder Injury Prevention
Wednesday: Finger Strength and Core
Thursday: Rest
Friday: Climb and Shoulder Injury Prevention
Saturday: Climb and Finger Strength
Sunday: Core

Meet the Instructor

Madaleine Sorkin is a professional climber known for her prowess at the crags and on difficult free big walls. She’s always looking to up her game as well as coach other climbers to meet their goals. Sorkin has established difficult free climbs from California to Jordan to Kyrgyzstan, redpointed traditional 5.13+ routes at 14,000 feet on the Diamond of Longs Peak, Colorado, and freed 35-pitch VI routes on El Capitan in Yosemite.

Looking back at her achievements and failures, Mad says her ability to stay committed is linked to how in tune she is with her emotional and physical state. Madaleine is a certified rock guide through the American Mountain Guides Association. Follow Mad’s adventures at or on Instagram at @madaleinesorkin.


Do I need a baseline fitness level to take this course?

No. We’ve designed the course to be approachable even if you’re coming off the couch. The exercises are meant to push you, but they’re too hard (or even too easy), then you can tailor the routines to fit your ability.

What if I can’t keep the set schedule?

Don’t worry. The schedule is a suggestion and an overview that you can easily customize to your areas of interest and free time. As long as you’re doing something that ticks one of the boxes each day of the week, you’re making progress—even if it’s just a 10-minute core workout on your hotel-room floor while traveling.

Do I need any special equipment?

Other than your standard climbing gear (shoes, chalk, harness, rope), all you need is bands for the shoulder exercises and access to a rock gym with a hangboard and bouldering and lead walls.

Can I download the course?

No. But you can access the course anytime from anywhere you have an internet connection.

How do I sign up?

It is available for purchase at AIM Adventure U: 4 Weeks to Sending Fitness