5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Wait Till 2019 to Start Training

Set yourself up for sending success next year by getting a head start on training now—while still enjoying some holiday treats.
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Nina Williams Boulder Harder online course

Nina Williams getting after it on the hangboard. Photo from Nina's new online course: Boulder Harder.

Holiday travel, parties, the first few weeks of ski season—there are plenty of excuses for putting off training until the new year. Don't. Here's why:

1. Training = working off those rich holiday meals...

...and all the delicious snacks everyone is bringing into the office. We fully advocate for enjoying pumpkin pie, stuffing, and holiday cookies, but if your indulgence goes up as your exercise levels go down, your hard-earned muscles can turn into flab. Not recommended for feeling fit on the wall. 

2. You'll be two months ahead fitness-wise by January 

Let us explain: If you start your training program December 1 instead of slacking off till January, you’ll be a month into your training schedule, instead of a month behind, by 2019—having to spend January just doing catchup. By our calculations, this puts you two months ahead of schedule. We aren't about to argue with that math. 

3. New Year's resolutions are cliché (and fail)

Don’t be one of those people who buys a gym membership January 1 and gives up by January 5. If you can keep training through the holidays, there's no way you'll fall off the bandwagon (like everyone else...) mid-January.

4. The 2020 Olympics

Chances are you only just heard about speed climbing thanks to Reel Rock 13. You need all the time you can get to figure out how to sprint up 15 meters of those weird red jugs before then. (Cause, you know, Olympic dreams.)

5. You’re reading this article, 

Which means you probably like climbing and are looking for an excuse to do as much of it as possible. You just read your excuses; now go to the gym. 

Want to start training but don't know where to start? 

Check out one of Climbing's online training courses, which include weekly training plans to make meeting your climbing goals easy. We recommend 4 Weeks to Sending Fitness taught by professional climber Madaleine Sorkin for those new to training or coming off a hiatus from climbing. Looking to break into 5.12 or boulder a grade harder? Pro climbing coach Justen Sjong has a 9-week training plan to get you Climbing a Grade Harder: 5.12 and Beyond, while pro climber Nina Williams gives you all the tools you need to Boulder Harder.