7 Stretches for Road Trips

Pro climber and yoga teacher Heidi Wirtz suggests seven ways to stay limber during long car rides.
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Caroline Mooney car yoga

Weekend warrior or van lifer, most committed climbers endure long drives to reach prime destinations. We hit the road with playlists, podcasts, and perhaps a strong coffee in tow. But Heidi Wirtz, a pro climber and frequent traveler, adds that we can also use our time in the car to stay limber. Wirtz, the instructor for Climbing’s Yoga for Climbers online course, leads us through some yoga poses that you can do in your car, so you arrive at the crag feeling flexible and focused instead of stiff, road-weary, and cranky. (Note: These are poses for the passenger, not the driver!)

For more ways to complement your climbing with yoga, check out Climbing’s Yoga for Climbers online course.

Special thanks to Caroline Moonie for demonstrating these stretches. View more of Caroline's modeling work on her Instagram account: @carolinemoonie