Climb Fast and Efficient with Tips by Alex Honnold


Pick up a copy of Climbing's May issue for an article on Alex Honnold's best tips and tricks for how to pack more pitches into the day. Here, additional techniques:


While hiking to the crag, you might have to shed a layer or two. Most people stop, take off layers, pack them away, and then continue. I prefer not to stop, so I pop one arm out of the pack’s shoulder strap, slide the layer off this arm, andthen repeat on the other side. (This requires a crag pack with a waist strap that holds the bag on while the shoulder strap is off.) Then I wrap the layer around one shoulder strap of my pack, effectively hanging it near my waist. Voilà! No extra stops on the hike.


Consistency is key for not losing things. It might seem anal retentive, but I always put certain things in the same pockets of my pack. I.e., keys, wallet, and phone get zipped into the same compartment. This idea applies even more on multi-pitches and big walls. Have a system and use it consistently.

Be Prepared

At the end of the day, when I’m packing up my bag, I always take out my keys, phone, and whatever else I’m going to need at the car and switch them to my hip pockets. That way I don’t accidentally forget my keys at the crag or lose them in my pack.