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Learn To Ice Climb With Will Gadd: Ice-Screw Placements and Beginner and Advanced Dry Tooling

In these three short videos you'll learn basic and advanced dry tooling, and a technique every ice climber must master—placing ice screws.

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Want to master ice, or at least become competent on the frozen medium? You are in luck. One of the world’s most accomplished and knowledgable ice climbers, Will Gadd, is here to help. His nine-part How To Climb Ice series takes you through the entire ice game, from footwork to making V-threads to how to sharpen tools. The information is priceless and comes at you in digestible 10-minute chunks. We’ll post three a week, starting here with Volumes one, two and three covering footwork, steep-ice technique and tool placements. Next week Will will dig into dry tooling for beginners and advanced climbers, plus layout his hard-won advice for pulling steep ice bulges. There’s nothing better you can do to improve your ice game with a mere 30-minute commitment a week, we guarantee it.

Watch episodes one, two and three on Ice Tool Technique, Steep Ice and How to Use Your Feet




Check back next week for the final three episodes on pulling bulging ice, how to make V threads and tool sharpening tips from Will.

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