Make Your Own Suspension Trainer on a Budget

With a $199 price tag, the TRX Suspension Trainer is cheaper than most exercise equipment, but possibly outside the budget for many climbers. The system is so incredibly simple that it can be easily replicated with materials readily available to most climbers: webbing and biners. The homemade version won’t be nearly as adjustable, and the loops of webbing are not nearly as cushy as foam stirrups, but if you’re strapped for cash you won’t feel left out of the suspension training party (a pretty expensive party to attend).


• Two 8’ lashing straps with cam buckles (look for ones with weight ratings)

• One 15’ or longer lashing strap

• Carabiner

• Two 4” sections of .5” PVC, for handles


1. Lashing straps usually come with hooks, buckles, and the like. Cut any attachments off of the ends of the 15’ strap.

2. Thread the 8’ foot strap through one of the PVC handles. Do the same with the other strap. Tie a fastening knot in each strap to form a handle with the cam buckle close to the knot. The resulting loop should be about 1’ in diameter.

3. Thread the excess tail through the PVC, then tie a square knot to create a foot cradle under the handle. This loop should be smaller, about 8” in diameter Trim any excess tail. Repeat on the other handle.

4. Attach each handle to either end of the longer strap by threading it through the cambuckles. Tie stopper knots to prevent the handles from sliding off.

5. Find the middle of the long connecting strap and clip a biner to a bight to create an anchor point that can be easily hung almost anywhere.

Viola! You just created a suspension system trainer for under $20. Now you have no excuses.