Offwidth Training Maintenance

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During the climbing season, it’s beneficial to follow a training program that keeps you at a high level of strength without burning you out mentally or making you overly fatigued. Perform the same exercises you did for offwidth training after the 13 weeks is over (see the full training program here), but follow the intensity guidelines outlined below.

  • Strength: 1 to 2x/week at 70% RM (2 to 3 sets of 15 to 20 reps)

  • Plys: 1x/week

  • Stabilization and core (without plyos): 1 to 2x/week

  • Cardio: depends on how often you’re climbing (see below)

  • Stretching: every other day

Cardio: Take one full rest day each week with only light stretching. Cardio will complement your climbing and train you for difficult approaches. Aim for 2x/week moderate cardio (45 to 90 minutes, one of which can contain intervals) in addition to 3 to 4 x/week climbing. However, if I’m climbing hard offwidths with 45- to 60-minute approaches 4x/week, I add only one session of isolated core (without plyos) and stretch every other day. So if you’re climbing and hiking a lot, consider only doing core-specific work. If you can’t get out to climb as much or are climbing in the gym mostly, try to include all additional aspects of training (strength, plyos, stabilization, cardio, and stretching).