Photo Nation


Tips for Online Photo SharingThe best thing about digital photography today is how easy it is for anyone to take good photographs. Another great aspect is the virtually limitless number of images you can take. The downside to this digital revolution is that most photographs rarely make it out of the memory card. After all, what good is a picture if you can’t share it and show it off?Whether you take classic butt shots of your friends from the ground, or follow the rock stars on first ascents, there are plenty of resources to get your photos out there into the virtual climbing world. Below is a list of online tools for image sharing that range from basic and free to professional and pricey.

FREE TOOLSBlogs: A good way to keep your fans and family updated on your whereabouts, these sites are a great place to display photos. They are also an excellent accompaniment to a serious photo site so you can give sneak peeks of upcoming images or offer more information about certain shots.,,,

Web galleries: These are user-friendly and very popular. Many of them have accessible and simple functions that allow viewers to order prints of your images. You can also add your images to groups, which lets more people see your,,,,,,

PRO TOOLSPro photo websites: For the aspiring amateur or seasoned pro, these sites are already designed and built, so you just have to plug in your photos and information, pay the fee, and go. The benefit is a professional-looking website without having to go through an expensive,,,