Quick Clips: 3 Quick Fixes for Common Climber Problems (March 2019 Edition)

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With the popularity of places like Indian Creek, climbing racks have become huge. It’s not unusual—in my case at least—to have an octuple rack! So, how to organize, other than the ubiquitous Walmart tote full of tangled gear? A couple drawer hangers, some wooden dowels, two pieces of 2x2s, and a handful of screws get you this: the van-cam-drawer-slide-thingy. Works equally well for drying socks.
—Matthew Sapiecha 

To keep from dropping my shoes when taking them off at a multi-pitch anchor, I’ll first clip each shoe via its heel tab to my harness using an alpine draw.
—Jussi Nurminen

Cheap, packable, reusable rope bag: one of Ikea’s big blue bags, which only cost $1.29. When moving the rope around, just flake it into the bag and pick the bag up. At day’s end, coil the rope, drop it in the bag, then toss it all into your pack and nothing gets dirty. Best of all, the Ikea bag packs down small—no awkward carry in your backpack.
—Caren Wiley

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